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LAWSKILLS    Funeral Fess Up                                        February 2013

Do They Know?


LAWSKILLS     Dead Good                                                       October 2012

A look at funeral choices today


LAWSKILLS     Show Me The Money!                                       July 2012

Top tips for ensuring your executors can trace your assets 


LAWSKILLS      Executor Choice: Lay -v- Solicitor                       March 2012

Consider the options when applying for Probate


LAWSKILLS      Ripping Yarns                          October 2011

Patricia C Byron suggests five steps you can take to leave a legacy less prone to being abused or ignored


LAWSKILLS      ABS and Letters of Wishes               August 2011

Patricia C Byron considers the Letter of Wishes: a non binding document to accompany a Will which attempts to guide executors about specific things that should happen after death.


LAWSKILLS    Openly Opaque                                   July 2011

A Private Client Professional's Responsibility

The importance of transparency on professional charges in  dealing with issues surrounding death and all its consequences.


Eulogy           The Reluctant Author                                 June 2011

Eulogy magazine on how Patricia unwittingly ended up writing her book about death


    The Law Society Gazette                                May 2010

The public fails to chart financial assets


         Ten Things To Do                                                      April 2010

Ten things to do to get your affairs in order